Liner to suit a tank up to Diameter3050x800mm deep Volume~5.8KL based on internal dimensions of the tank. Refer to tank supplier for actual and maximum capacities of your tank.

Repair old leaking concrete tanks with 1mm thick EPDM rubber. EPDM RUBBER IS NOT SUITABLE FOR DRINKING WATER. It is, however, suitable for fish. Unlike most plastics, EPDM will not break down under direct sunlight. These bladders can endure temperatures up to 80 degrees Celcius without causing permanent damage to the material.

EPDM rubber is tough and will stretch up to 300% and still return to its original relaxed state. However, to get the best longevity out of the liner, all care should be taken to ensure the liner rests against a smooth even surface. The inside of the tank should be checked for holes - all holes should be covered or rendered prior to fitting the liner. Remove all sharp objects that could potentially puncture the liner. Refer to Southland's installation instructions for more information. We also recommend you purchase some liner underlay material (available in our store).


  • Colour = Black
  • Maximum INTERNAL dimensions of tank = Diameter3050mm x 800mm high. (These dimensions are in millimetres)
  • Liner can be filled to a maximum height of 800mm to achieve a volume of approximately 5.8KL (thousand litres)

Note that this material is NOT SUITABLE for drinking water and is NOT SUITABLE for high concentrations of chlorine for extended periods of time. Chlorine levels must be kept below 0.2ppm.

5.8KL Diameter3m x 0.8m Deep Tank Liner (1mm thick EPDM)

  • Brand: Southland
  • Product Code: 235-10-902-030008
  • Time till dispatch:

    Please allow 5-10 WORKING days for items under 10m long - large liners require additional time. Please contact Southland if your order is urgent

  • $982.30

  • Ex GST: $893.00

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