New liner on special (please allow normal processing times)

For Ponds up to 4278x3471x465mm Volume~2.52KL** indicative only (see below)

Pond Liner, 1mm thick EPDM rubber. EPDM rubber is the perfect Pond lining material. Aquatic experts, Landscape architects and horticulturists agree that EPDM is the 'gold-class' option for Pond membranes. This material will create a healthy home and breeding ground for your live fish and aquatic plants. The material will not break down under direct sunlight. The material can endure temperatures up to 80 degrees Celcius without risk. (Note that temperatures this extreme would not be safe for fish!).

EPDM is tough and will stretch up to 300% and still return to its original relaxed state - just like a rubber band ;-) However, remember, to get the best longevity from your Pond membrane, make every attempt to ensure the material is relaxed and sitting flush with the bottom of the hole you have dug. Refer to Southland's installation instructions for more information. We also recommend you purchase some liner underlay material (available in our store).


  • 1mm
  • Expected life of EPDM rubber is 50 years (assuming correct installation and maintenance)
  • Plan dimensions of the flat liner material = 5000mm x 4190mm. (Nominal dimensions +/-1%)

Pond Size Estimates

Assuming an edge overlap of 300mm, and you are digging a hole with banks sloped no greater than 15 degrees, the maximum size of the Pond will be:

  • L=4278mm
  • W=3471mm
  • Depth = 465mm. (These dimensions are in millimetres)

The estimated volume = 2.52 THOUSAND litres. These measurements are for a square shaped pond. You may prefer a circular shape or even something more creative. It's a flexible membrane so you're free to shape it as you see fit.

**Finish Pond dimensions are indicative only and depend on slope of banks of Pond. This liner may only be suitable for a smaller Pond if the banks are steeper than 15 degrees. For example-

  • banks @ 30 degrees, Pond size=4151x3341x465
  • banks @ 60 degrees, Pond size=3863x3053x465
  • banks @ 90 degrees, Pond size=3470x2660x465

*** nominal fabric thickness

NOTE: Though every effort will be taken to deliver your item ASAP, fabrication may require up to 3 working days prior to dispatch (refer to 'AVAILABILITY' above the price of this item). This material is for keeping fish and is therefore not suitable for high concentrations of chlorine for extended periods of time. Chlorine levels must be kept below 0.2ppm.

5m x 4.2m EPDM Pond Liner Sheet 1mm thick - ON SPECIAL

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